Wholesale 24 x 36 Posters

Our largest trade poster, these huge 24 x 36 inch custom trade posters are our best and are printed using 100# aqueous paper and come with gloss or 3/16th satin matte foam board. Available in full color on one (4/0) sides.

Gigantic 24 x 36 inch trade posters that are sure to impress. Each of our full color custom wholesale posters is printed on 100# aqueous gloss or 3/16th satin matte foam board. Our posters come in an array of sizes. Order just 1 or as many as 200 and truly grab their attention. Available in 4/0 color.


Popular Uses:

  • Personalized Gifts
  • As Large Flyers
  • Advertising
  • Home and Office Decor
  • In Stores and Theaters


For full file specifications on this and all other products, we highly recommend reviewing our Product Specifications