Cheap wholesale brochures that are perfect for handouts and durable enough for automobile windshield placement. Popular sizes like our 11" x 17" and 8.5" x 11" brochures available. Printed on our best, most eco-friendly, green stock: 80# (not available for 11x17) or 100# gloss book stock in full color. Choose either single-sided (4/0) or double-sided (4/4). Select from our popular flat, tri-fold, bi-fold, or z-fold. Best wholesale trade printing products around.

Wholesale Brochure Printing

Brochures are popular marketing tools widely used for a variety of different advertising purposes. Typical uses are familiarizing potential customers with the range and advantages of products and services, expanding the sphere of influence in the market, informing business partners and investors about the specifics of your company. Brochure effectiveness is a result of convenient format, trageted content, dynamic graphics and a bright, colorful design.

Rent A Press offers cheap wholesale brochures in 2 most popular sizes: 11" x 17" and 8.5" x 11", printed on eco-friendly 80# (not available for 11x17) or 100# gloss book stock in full color on both sides. Order today and have your prints made quickly for fast shipping.

Bulk brochures

The available number of brochure printing comes from 25 pieces. But the more you order, the less each item will cost. Bulk brochures with Rent A Press is a great way to save money for those who need large volumes. Register to find out all prices, special offers and advantages of our customers.

Paper options:Folding options:
80# Gloss FinishNo Fold,Tri-fold
100# Aqueous GlossBi-fold, Z-fold

Popular Uses

Brochures are widely used for promotional and educational purposes in different areas. Any industry that needs to provide information in an interesting and attractive way, can rely on them. More often we print brochures for restaurants and spa salons, events and trade shows, political campaigns or non-profit organizations. The success and output of the campaign depends on your imagination and creativity. Brochures are often used as product sheets, price lists, notices, inserts, leaflets, menus and even maps.

Prove yourself and we will take care of print quality. Rent A Press is your reliable partner, when you need cheap bulk brochures.