Self Inking Stamp

Select from our popular wholesale trade printing self-inking address stamps in either large or small sizes. Pre-inked wholesale stamps last an industry best or more than 25,000 impressions. Our stamps are easily refillable and come in two sizes.  Save time at the office because of your own customized rubber signature stamp.  Sizes include 'small' (0.53'' x 1.9375'') or 'large' (0.75'' x 2.375'').  Multiple shipping options are available.

Wholesale stamps are a new way to make office work more efficient. They are an invaluable addition to any desk or household. Custom printed stamps make routine tasks seem like less of a chore with every use and less of a burden on time. They can be used for anything from adding return addresses to dating documents or even just leaving a note. Moreover, custom-printed stamps add a professional touch to any paper or document.

With wholesale stamps from RAP, anyone no longer has to worry about ink smears or messy hands because these high-quality stamps do all of that work. They are easy to use and will last for years without breaking down in quality and can be reused thousands of times before re-application of ink is required.

Our wholesale self-inking stamps can be personalized according to the clients’ requirements and projects using our simple online designer.

Plus, we offer bulk stamps with great discounts.

Custom printed stamps can be customized for many purposes:

● Stamp signature

● Date the document

● Add return address

● Apply brand name and logo

● Stamp letterhead

● Seal mail and packages

● Noting copies before filing

● Certification stamps

● Stock stamps

● Add notes to invoices and receipts

Our stamps in bulk produce fast and crisp impressions with a single click.

Bulk stamps are perfect for stamping on the go for:

● Small and big business owners

● Medical practitioners

● Government authorities

● Household use

Buy now wholesale self-inking stamps at low prices and help your customers to save lots of precious minutes!