Yard Signs

Our best, most popular 18'' x 24'' Wholesale Yard Signs are printed on green, eco-friendly stock and come either in full color on single 4/0 or double 4/4 sided. Signs are made from heavy, durable, premium 4mm corrugated plastic. 

We offer the following signs:

(12" x 18") - (18" x 24") - (22" x 28") - (12" x 18" with H-frame) - (18" x 24" with H-frame) - (22" x 28" with H-frame). 

Order just 1 or up to 25 per order.  Several fast shipping options available on all wholesale trade printing products.

Custom yard signs are one of the most effective advertising mediums available today. They let everyone know what products or services are on offer at a glance and help increase exposure for businesses large and small. 

The benefits of ordering wholesale yard signs

  • Custom printed yard signs help to achieve the best visibility possible. 
  • RAP’s corrugated plastic signs are the perfect solution for businesses and organizations that want to spread their message without spending a lot of money. These custom yard signs are lightweight yet durable enough for outdoor use, so they're easy to move around if necessary.

  • RAP can help to reach more people with affordable wholesale yard signs designed for long-term use in all kinds of weather conditions. 

  • Our wholesale yard signs can be easily customized with colors and graphics according to any needs of our intuitive online designer. 

  • All our yard signs come in three sizes with an H-frame option so that anyone can find the perfect one for any space.


 And with our wholesale pricing on bulk yard signs, anyone can affordably share a message without breaking the bank.


The popular ways to use custom wholesale yard signs

  • As a storefront
  • Promote local business
  • Communicate safety information
  • As a greeting at the celebration party of special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, graduation
  • To influence opinions
  • To spread warmth and joy during the holiday season to bypassers.
  • Special offers and discounts advertisements
  • Real estate
    • Yard signs speed up sales with a first impression of the agency and listing. 
  • Shop signage
    • Wholesale yard signs are the cheapest way to advertise and promote what is happening at the store, house, or restaurant. 
  • Elections
    • Yard Signs also happen to be an effective political strategy to promote the campaign or support the favorite candidate.
  • Church.
    • Landscape signs are a popular way to convey the spiritual message to the parishioners

Order now from RAP Wholesale Yard Signs with our custom designs and low prices and get your customers noticed!