What is the Concierge Service model?

The Rent A Press (RAP) Concierge Service model is designed to offer a single price for products. The benefit is that the price published includes shipping using Ground services.

A single, one-time fee covers basic shipping for an entire 12 months.

No matter how many times you order, no matter the size of the order.

Cost estimation for resellers is now simplified as a third step for calculating shipping is not necessary.

Data developed by RAP indicates that if you order more than $500 USD of print per month, the service fee is paid for in the first three months. Whether it is a single order for 100 business cards, or an order for 10,000 4-page brochures, the shipping is included in the published price.

Is there a fee for the Concierge Service?

A one-time fee of $499 USD provides a 12-month period of the ‘shipping included’ pricing (see SHIPPING OPTIONS). Cancellations during the 12-month term will be refunded on a pro-rated basis, calculated on the number of months remaining after the month of cancellation.

How does shipping work in the Concierge Service model

Ground service shipping is the service level included in the published price.

Expedited shipping is available, and the pricing is set at the time of placing the order. Expedited shipping is not included in the published price and will be added, if selected, and shown prior to payment. Expedited shipping is any service listed that is not Ground shipping service.

Free shipping is specific to only the 48 contiguous states in the USA, and excludes Hawaii and Alaska.

For products ordered through our international websites, free shipping is available to member countries of the European Union (EU).

What is the Concierge Service model fee-trial period?

If you have a promotional code for registration, it may include a 90-day trial period before a Concierge Service fee is required. Please read the promo code offer to determine what the benefit of a specific code is. The reseller certificate/permit of the registrant (see TRADE SITE REQUIREMENTS) must be on file before the end of the trial period.

What are the Rent A Press (RAP) Trade Print site requirements?

RAP is a trade print site for print resellers. That is, the requestor placing the order is not the end user, the product purchased is to be resold. It is the responsibility of the requestor using RAP to have the necessary reseller certificates and/or permits to conduct business as a reseller. This is the requirement to use RAP and not be charged taxes based on the local tax at the drop-ship delivery address.

I’m encountering problems on the site, what can I do?

If your browser is showing error messages please clear your cache/cookies. If the problem is still arising please try a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

The following browser versions can be used for reliable performance 

  •   Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and above
  •   Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above
  •   Google Chrome 1.x
  •   Apple Safari 2.x

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Delivery & Shipping Turnarounds

Currently we offer four shipping methods. These shipping options offer a great variety and efficiency. All delivery options are dependent on quantity, product ordered, and date selected. All deliveries are determined by all three of these aspects and can effect turnaround times.

If an order is placed on hold at any point of our process this can change delivery and shipping status on all shipping options chosen. If you are notified about a hold, your order is being reviewed and we'll do our best to resolve the matter immediately. 

All orders created on weekends or holidays will be printed and shipped the following business day.

My file won’t upload, how can I fix this?

Make sure you’re using one of the following.

1.    JPG

2.    JPED

3.    PNG

4.    GIF

5.    PDF (booklets and calendars only)

We kindly ask our customers to refrain from using any transparent files or multi-layered files as they cannot be processed. Please submit flattened files under 50m=MB’s per side. We suggest decreasing the file size and to use LZW. Make sure to delete all cookies and cache from the browser you’re using. After deleting, please refresh the site completely and then try the uploading process again.

Approved Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

If you’re still experiencing difficulty with your files, please email the files to for any file/design issues that you’re experiencing. Once emailing, please ATTN: File Support. Allow our staff one business day to correct your files or send the proper information on how to correct them.