Trade Print Site and Concierge Service

What are the Rent A Press (RAP) Trade Print site requirements?

RAP is a trade print site for print resellers. That is, the requestor placing the order is not the end-user, the product purchased is to be resold. It is the responsibility of the requestor using RAP to have the necessary reseller certificates and/or permits to conduct business as a reseller. This is the requirement to use RAP and not be charged taxes based on the local tax at the drop-ship delivery address. please send a digital copy of your current and valid resale certificate to:

How does Prime shipping work in the Concierge Service model?
Ground shipping is the Prime service level.

Please understand that Prime shipping is a great way to save money and increase profits on a print job you are doing for one of your clients. If there is an important event deadline, it is wise to use one of the expedited shipping options available on all our products.

Expedited shipping is available, and the pricing is set at the time of placing the order. Expedited shipping is not included in the published price and will be added if selected, and shown prior to payment. Expedited shipping is any service listed that is not a Ground shipping service.
Free shipping is specific to only the 48 contiguous states in the USA and excludes Hawaii and Alaska. For products ordered through our international websites, free shipping is available to member countries of the European Union (EU).

Products / Ordering
Can I order custom sizes from Rent A Press?
At this time only the size options we provide per product are available. We do anticipate a custom order form before the end of 2020.

Can I change the quantities listed in the pull-down menus?
No. These quantities are provided because they offer the greatest efficiency in the production process and allow us to offer you low, low prices.

What kind of paper (substrate) will the order be printed on?
Each product is optimized for a specific paper. These selections are listed in the pull-down menu. At this time it is not possible to request special order papers.

How do I provide proof of a job to my clients for approval?
Rent A Press uses PRUFlinksm so you are able to send a link to your client to view a 3D animated version of your design for approval. This leads to faster approvals and more sales conversions.

How long will my order stay in the shopping cart?
The cart will time out after 48 hours and orders will be automatically deleted. An email notice is sent after two hours to remind you that you have orders waiting.

I’m encountering problems on the site, what can I do?

If your browser is showing error messages please clear your cache/cookies. If the problem is still arising please try a different browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

The following browser versions can be used for reliable performance 

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and above
  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and above
  • Google Chrome 1. x
  • Apple Safari 2. x

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What is Estimated Delivery Time?
Print turnaround times are expressed in business days. It involves both the manufacturing stage and the shipping stage. An estimate is just that. Once we hand it off to the shipper the job can be tracked. Our shipping partners provide extensive options to track right up to delivery. “Business days” are Monday through Friday. Be sure to account for non-business days for an accurate deadline for delivery. Saturdays, Sundays, and major holidays may increase the time to reach the delivery hand-off. Please be sure to select the best shipping option to meet your deadlines.

Delivery & Shipping Turnarounds

Currently, we offer four shipping methods.

Prime Shipping is our ground service that is offered at no charge. All delivery options are dependent on quantity, the product ordered, and the date selected. All deliveries are determined by all three of these aspects and can affect turnaround times. Please Note: Prime shipping does not require a signature of acceptance, also known as Proof of Delivery. If you require confirmation of delivery for your clients, please use the expedited services offered. By choosing Prime Shipping you have accepted the waiver of a signature requirement and proof of delivery. If you are drop shipping to a client be sure they have someone available to receive the package (such as a receptionist or security guard) or a secure place to leave it. RAP will not refund for claims on packages citing 'not delivered' if using Prime Shipping. At our discretion, we may offer a discount on a reorder using the exact same file, any treatments used on the original order, and identical quantity. 

If an order is placed on hold at any point of our process this can change delivery and shipping status on all shipping options chosen. If you are notified about a hold, your order is being reviewed and we'll do our best to resolve the matter immediately.

All orders created on weekends or holidays will be printed and shipped the following business day.

My file won’t upload, how can I fix this?

Make sure you’re using one of the following.

1.    JPG

2.    JPED

3.    PNG

4.    GIF

5.    PDF (booklets and calendars only)

We kindly ask our customers to refrain from using any transparent files or multi-layered files as they cannot be processed. Please submit flattened files under 50m=MB per side. We suggest decreasing the file size and to use LZW. Make sure to delete all cookies and cache from the browser you’re using. After deleting, please refresh the site completely and then try the uploading process again.

Approved Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

If you’re still experiencing difficulty with your files, please email the files to for any file/design issues that you’re experiencing. Once emailing, please ATTN File Support. Allow our staff one business day to correct your files or send the proper information on how to correct them.

Sourcing Supply Chain

All of RAP's products may be sourced where the best options are found. Every custom-designed product is manufactured in the USA or in the country of final delivery. If the origin of the product is critical to your clients, please contact Customer Service and request product origin information. 


Rent A Press has launched the DaVinci Designer 3D proofing tool, PRUFlinkSM, as a component of its online design feature set.  This is a significant improvement to the design experience that other online print sites provide.  Adding special effects such as Spot UV and Foil, not only create dynamic printed pieces, but they increase sales. Now the 3D proofing component allows you to immediately show your client how the finished product looks, all without a press proof or some generic printed sample.

Simply send them the link!

-For graphic designers, it is the best way to display the full effect of embellishment printing.

-For resellers, it becomes the best way to show how you add value to a client’s design.

Professional and Community Affiliations

 APTech- Association for PRINT Technologies-  APTech is a purpose-driven organization dedicated to supporting the entire printing value chain.

The Association for PRINT Technologies is THE association focused on the evolution of printed products in an increasingly digital world. We provide a forum to inspire the development of new and valuable print products. We provide education and market research, and foster collaboration between the creative minds that love to innovate, and the leaders who stand ready to create the future of our industry.

We are not afraid to speak the truth or take risks in order to inspire new ideas.

APTech is about more than machines and technology. We’re about how our members continually impact on the world through the products they deliver.

IPIA - Independent Print Industries Association


We CONNECT like-minded people across the print industry to strengthen the long-term health of the sector and create new business opportunities


We INSPIRE through thought-provoking conferences and events so that our members' businesses can adapt and thrive


We AMAZE by showcasing innovation in products and services to support our members and the wider industry

The Most Active and Innovative Trade Association

The Independent Print Industries Association was formed in 1990 as a not-for-profit Trade Association focused on helping its members grow and develop their businesses. Times and technology have changed and continue to do so; the IPIA is constantly evolving and adapting to contemporary market demands.

The IPIA delivers ongoing value, support, and counsel to members through a comprehensive range of benefits, services, events, and publications specifically tailored to fully support the differing needs of its members.

The IPIA is also committed to promoting the value of print to the end-users who buy and use our industries' products and services.

Featured Nonprofit Organization: Water4Life Global

Water4Life Global is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to finding solutions to the water issues that families in Guatemala face every day.

Clean water is a basic human right and we help communities without clean, potable water. By distributing water-filter technology to villages in need, we provide an immediate solution for their contaminated sources.

Key components of the Water4Life Global project include:

  • Create awareness about Guatemala’s water crisis and the contaminants in local water sources;
  • Connect with local leaders, health officials, and schools to determine which villages need clean water;
  • Raise funds to purchase simple, effective water filters and distribute them to 25+ villages in Guatemala, with the support of our local partners;
  • Empower local women to take leadership roles, sharing the significance of improved sanitation practices and decreased plastic waste consumption with their communities.

Water4Life Global is based in San Diego, California, and works on the ground in Guatemala.