Water 4 Life - Donate to a Worthy Cause

Rent A Press Gives Back: Overview

The Rent A Press organization looks for ways to support a variety of organizations connected to or impacted by our printing industry. Our team encourages industry members to help build a more sustainable world, and also leads by example:

Rent A Press is proud to be a monthly donor to Water4Life Global

Because print-related manufacturing uses a significant amount of water, we would like to introduce you to a grassroots organization making an impact on Central American communities lacking access to clean drinking water.

Featured Nonprofit Organization: Water4Life Global

Water4Life Global is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to finding solutions to the water issues that families in Guatemala face every day.

Clean water is a basic human right and we help communities without clean, potable water. By distributing water-filter technology to villages in need, we provide an immediate solution for their contaminated sources.

Key components of the Water4Life Global project include:

  •        Create awareness about Guatemala’s water crisis and the contaminants in local water sources;
  •        Connect with local leaders, health officials, and schools to determine which villages need clean water;
  •        Raise funds to purchase simple, effective water filters and distribute them to 25+ villages in Guatemala, with the support of our local partners;
  •        Empower local women to take leadership roles, sharing the significance of improved sanitation practices and decreased plastic waste consumption with their communities.

Water4Life Global is based in San Diego, California, and works on the ground in Guatemala.

DONATE TODAY and Empower these families with the Gift of Clean Water

Rent A Press is donating $50 a month, please join us in supporting Water4Life Global and support our global community 

For any Rent A Press customer donating to Water4Life Global, send in your receipt for the donation and receive a one-time discount coupon good for 22% off the product price of any order over $75


Rent A Press Encourages Donations: The Process

Offsetting the ecological impact of our industry. Helping people to live better lives. Supporting new and aspiring entrants in our professions.

  • We review organizations for the effectiveness of their outreach efforts and how their mission matches up with our dual focus of global reach and local sourcing at the community level.
  • We spotlight organizations that help people who are training for or just beginning their careers in the print, design, and marketing fields.
  • We encourage our network of print providers and consumers to learn more about these efforts.
  • Donating to any of the causes we present on these pages is, of course, tax-deductible and entirely optional for any of our customers.

No judgments. No push. We simply provide an awareness of what it takes to be a global citizen and a participant in a community.

Rent A Press does not collect any funds directly and does not receive any commission or fee from the organization.