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Canvas pirnt on stretcher frame

Canvas Prints on stretcher frame

Multiple wholesale trade print poster sizes that are perfect for any type of need. Posters are printed on 100lb Gloss Book paper or 3/16th Satin Matte foam board. These custom posters are huge and are available in full color on one (4/0) side. Several fast shipping options are available.

Designing a Poster in Minutes
Any wholesale poster can be designed without effort by our simple online designer. However, when creating posters, it is recommended to use bright colors and convey one message at a time in order for viewers to get the point at a glance.
RAP is a source for bulk poster printing that fits all needs, from small to large posters for both personal and commercial use.
Check out our wholesale custom posters and prepare to be stunned by amazing deals in every size under heaven!

A variety of wholesale poster sizes:
11" x 17" - ideal as a souvenir or for promoting products, community, or business events as window signs and bulletin boards in malls. The print area allows showcasing high-impact messages that will be hard to miss at the lowest cost.
16" x 20" -  great for promoting new products and upcoming sales.
18" x 24" - conveniently size for most interior spaces. They can be used for any type of space and will always look professional.
19" x 27" - standard size for marketing or political campaigns as well as for events and storefronts.  
22" x 28" - The size is a sure way to show favorite pictures and art or for commercial purposes.
24" x 36" -  the largest size. They are usually placed outdoors for a big promotional campaign, in theaters, or in high retailers targeting a wider audience in crowded areas.

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