Gift Bags Custom Design

Custom gift bags are a beautiful addition to any product and a valuable marketing opportunity for any company event or retail store. These packages are effective advertising.
Wholesale gift bags are used by well-known companies, strengthening their public. People respond to packing gifts in custom-printed gift bags than in standard bags.

RAP offers a beautiful collection of custom gift bags at wholesale prices. these come in a variety of styles and sizes. Made from high-quality paper, and present in various colors and textures. Available in gloss or matte finish. Custom printed gift bags start with a unique design and are customized in our simple online design tool or you may upload your ready-to-print artwork.

Our wholesale gift bags are strong and sturdy to meet a wide range of gift needs. Logo gift bags are used by different companies, regardless of their field of activity: retail and wholesale trade, manufacturing, and services.

Many sizes to choose from (WxLxH):

Mini - 3'' x 2'' x 4''
Small - 5'' x 3'' x 8.5''
Medium - 7'' x 4.5'' x 10''
Wine - 4.75'' x 4'' x 13''
Large - 12.5'' x 4'' x 9''

The popular uses of wholesale gift bags:

  • Branded souvenirs to present to the business partners.
  • The packaging can reflect the brand identity and the theme of the holiday or event.
  • Corporate swag can be presented at corporate events to reward outstanding employees for high-quality work.
  • Wrapping a gift in a custom-printed bag can positively affect employee loyalty to the company.
  • Advertising materials for the event, exhibitions, seminars, and presentations. It is much more convenient for the visitors to take all the information about the company in one pack.
  • Samples of products that are demonstrated during presentations, tradeshows, promotions
  • Retailers. Packing a purchase in a custom gift bag helps not only to wrap the purchase but also demonstrates the store's status and level of service.
  • Gifts or favor for friends and family for any occasion. Placing the present in a creative and personalized package with a photo or meaningful personal message. In this case, the package will no longer serve as gift wrapping but become a part of the present.
  • Prizes and gifts from sponsors for various sports and social events.

Large gift bags wholesale

Our Large gift bag is 12.5 inches wide x 4 inches in length x 9 inches in height with handles of different colors. Made from eco-friendly high-quality durable material with a matte or gloss finish. Can be customized with any artwork, logo, or statement according to the occasion. The design is printed in full colors. The size of this custom-printed gift bag is ideal for use for retailers, gift shops, corporate presents and giveaways, family and friends parties, or sports events and performances.

Medium gift bags wholesale

The medium gift bag is 7 inches wide x 4.5 inches in length x 10 inches in height. Crafted from premium paper. Available in matte and gloss finish in full-color printing. Can be customized with artwork, logo, and text. This durable custom gift bag with handles is great for any gift-giving needs such as corporate events, any celebration, and as a retailer bag.

Small gift bags wholesale

This small gift bag is 5 inches wide x 3 inches long x 8.5 inches in height with handles. Produced from high-quality eco paper. Matte or gloss finish is available. Printed in vivid full color. This strong gift bag is ideal for souvenirs, jewelry, lingerie, small gadgets, and computer accessories. Can be used for corporate events, retailers, birthday or wedding parties, or as a thank you gift. Featuring the company’s logo builds brand awareness and promotes the brand.

Mini gift bag wholesale

This mini gift bag measures 3 inches wide x 2 inches in length x 4 inches in height with colored handles. Made from premium paper. Printed in bright full-color. Come in matte or gloss finish. This sturdy custom mini gift bag is an essential party supply. Great for presenting jewelers, perfumes, clothing accessories, and small candles.

Wine gift bag wholesale

The wine gift bag has dimensions of 4.75 inches wide x 4 inches in length x 13 inches in height. Available in matte or gloss finish. Printed in full color. Produced from natural high-quality paper. Our wine gift bag is durable and sturdy to carry a bottle of wine or other spirits. Customizing with logo and message, our wholesale wine gift bags are ideal for the formal presentation of any bottled products to present to the employees at the event during the festive season. Liquor retailers can order custom-printed wine gift bags in bulk and modify them for any occasion to impress their clients.