Wrapping Tissue Custom Design

Trade priced 10'' x 15'', 15'' x 20'', 17'' x 23'' and 20'' x 30'' tissue paper with pre-made design of your own custom logo or image. 

Custom printed tissue paper is an elegant complement to the gift or package with high perceived value. This versatile product provides not only a complete look, but also builds brand awareness, and gives a special touch to the packaging.

RAP is a wholesale tissue paper supplier at a trade price. Our custom-printed tissue paper comes in 4 popular sizes and includes the option of custom cut. Printed in full color on premium super soft 10# or durable 18# white paper with a variety of base colors. Each sheet can be customized with a premade design, logo, or custom message. Our wholesale tissue paper is produced from 100% recycled post-industrial raw material.
Custom tissue paper bulk is a simple yet effective marketing strategy that delivers great value for money.

Benefits of custom-printed tissue paper

  • Brand recognition. Personalized tissue paper adds a touch of originality to the packaging.
  • Build customers’ loyalty. Decorating the gift bag or a box with custom-printed tissue paper makes the product more enjoyable to receive while building a brand recall.
  • Stylish and professional look.
  • Cushion for fragile items. Custom logo tissue paper works as the protective barrier and promotes the brand.
  • RAP provides various fast shipping options with each custom tissue paper bulk order to take all the advantages of this luxury product quickly.

Popular uses of custom-printed tissue paper wholesale

  • Retail packaging. Delight the customers and create a memorable and fun unfolding experience.
  • Online store. Make the buyers feel extra special by lining the package with custom tissue paper because this subtle material is always associated with a luxury brand.
  • Inserts in the gift box or bag. Personalized tissue paper gives the gift a personal touch and makes the present more pleasant. It looks pretty either flat or crumpled.
  • As a wrapping paper. Tissue paper is more environmentally friendly than wrapping paper with a delicate appearance and feel. Depending on the gift size, the present can be swaddled in custom tissue paper or rolled as a candy wrapper.
  • As a decoration. Wholesale printed tissue paper is a cost-effective party decor in the form of garlands and pom-poms.  

Ordering our custom-printed tissue paper bulk will not significantly increase the cost of packaging but will add tremendous value to the brand.  

We highly recommend reviewing our Product Specifications for full file specifications on this and all other products.