Save your time and money with bulk stickers. This little piece has countless potential, from simplifying office tasks to promoting a brand. Create wholesale stickers without limiting your budget.

RentAPress offers bulk custom stickers at its best lowest prices with high-quality features and premium printing. Discount is calculated based on the quantity of custom wholesale stickers, so the more your order,  the cheaper the custom sticker.
Wholesale stickers expand your possibilities. There are so many things you can do with your custom-printed wholesale stickers:

  • Seal your envelope, packaging, parcels, and mail
  • Advertise seasonal offers and sales
  • Product promotion
  • Giveaways at the event and conference
    • Hand out your trade stickers and stick your message deeper in your audience’s mind.
  • Item labeling
  • Refresh the appearance of the product instead of changing the whole packaging
  • Inform about new features or benefits of the product by applying custom printed stickers on existing marketing collaterals

Select from the following sizes and forms below:

  • CIRCLE (2") - (2.5") - (3")
  • SQUARE (3.5") 
  • RECTANGLE (3.5" x 2.25") - (4" x 6") 

Benefits of RAP’s bulk stickers:

  • Vivid full-color printing
  • Assortment of shapes of sizes
  • Sturdy weatherproof writable material
  • Finishing range: uncoated, semi-gloss, matte, or vinyl.
  • Every bulk sticker is kiss-cut for easy peel
  • High adhesion to any surface.
  • Variety of shipping options
  • Fast turnaround

Create your wholesale stickers online in our award-winning sticker designer or customize our custom bulk sticker templates with your logo, brand, info, and graphics. If you have ready artwork for your wholesale stickers, upload it on RAP.

Print your trade stickers at an affordable bulk price and stick them anywhere.
Don't miss the chance to increase your brand awareness by ordering personalized stickers in bulk and reaching more leads with a cost-effective and versatile marketing tool.