Bumper Sticker 4 inch x 6 inch OVAL

Bumper Sticker, rectangle format. 4 inches by 4-inch OVAL. These powerful communication products are designed for outdoor use and are available in either standard or removable adhesives. NOTE: THE FOIL OPTION FOR THIS PRODUCT IS TEMPORARILY OFFLINE. CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES ON AVAILABILITY.

Wholesale-priced bulk order 4-inch x 4-inch OVAL Bumper Stickers are offered on RentaPress with Standard or Removable adhesive options. Durable substrates and ultra non-fade inks are used.

The Standard version is repositionable for one hour after placement. After one-hour it becomes permanent. Removable Bumper Stickers adhere until they need to be removed.

No muss, no fuss.

Typical uses:

  • Car Bumpers
  • Laptops
  • Wild Postings
  • Take-Aways from conferences/trade shows/events
  • School or business promotion


  • Material: Standard or Removeable vinyl
  • Inks: Outdoor UV resistant
  • Lamination: Clear Poly
  • Finished: Sheeted, stacks of 250