Notepads available in 5 sizes

With these best wholesale notepads you can customize for your personal business with a logo, monogram or themed design. Each pad has 50 sheets. Created using our premium 70lbs offset opaque paper. % sizes to choose the best for your customer. Available in these useful sizes: 4.25" x 5.5" - 4" x 9" - 5.5" x 8.5" - 8.5" x 11" NOTE: THE FOIL OPTION FOR THIS PRODUCT IS TEMPORARILY OFFLINE. CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES ON AVAILABILITY.

No batteriy required with wholesale notepads. These are perfect leave-behinds marketing tools or take-aways from corporate events.Wholesale notepads are the perfect addition to a customer’s branded stationery.  


RentAPress offers custom bulk notepads in 4 different sizes that perfectly meet any note taking needs4.25x5.5" - 4x9" - 5.5x8.5" - 8.5x11". 


RAP prints  bulk notepads on premium 70lbs offset opaque paper in full color. Each pad consists of 50 sheets.  

Notepad wholesale products  a catches the eyes of the audience. 

Ordering notepads in bulk drives  prices down  and makes this high-value branded product available at a low, low cost. 


How to create wholesale notepads


Custom notepads  in bulk quantities are easy to design in RAPs online designer tool   Create wholesale notepads in a color palette matching your business, add your client’s logo, contact details, signature, and brand tagline to make an unforgettable impression on their customers.  


Where to use wholesale notepads

  • Giveaway at conferences and events.
  • Bulk notepads are a useful form of advertising that the attendees will definitely keep. 
  • Write prescriptions and appointments.
  • Custom notepads bulk will always keep your contact details at your fingertips.
  • Take phone or meeting notes. Wholesale notepads give your office stationery a professional look. 
  • Customize with your photo or artwork and create a memorable present for your friend and family. 

Notepad wholesale printing allows your client’s to benefit in so many ways that this marketing instrument should undoubtedly contribute to your branding.

For full file specifications on this and all other products, we highly recommend reviewing our Product Specifications