Wholesale 9 x 12 Presentation Folders

9" x 12" best trade presentation folders. Custom design quantities from 100 to 10,000. Select single- (4/0) or double-sided (4/4) in full edge-to-edge color. Select either Full UV Gloss or our standard Satin Matte. Heavy, bold 14pt paper stock. Super-bright colors.

Our premium 9-inch x 12-inch trade presentation folders provide a potent and professional delivery of documents. Perfect for high-end realtors, business proposals, and Law Offices. Keep important paperwork, invoices, and other documents with inside pockets, best business card holders, and printable areas to include contact information or other relevant text. Heavy, bold 14pt paper stock. Our trade folders are printed on the thickest standard card stock in the industry. Select single- or double-sided in full, glorious 4/0 or 4/4 color printing. Choose the option of Satin Matte or Full UV Gloss for that special touch.


Popular uses for wholesale presentation folders 

  • Sales kit. Keep all your marketing materials organized in a professional way. New promotional printouts can be easily inserted to keep your marketing up to date. Bulk presentation folders allow you to show off your branding and accompany your sale. 
  • Presentation, trade shows, and workshops. Wholesale presentation folders help arrange all the business information and services or project papers in one place and in the proper order.  
  • Hotel welcome pack. Trade presentation folders are convenient for having all the necessary information for the guests in one bundle. 
  • Employee pack. Branded presentation folders are handy for filing all documents for new employees or organizing project materials to train existing workers.
  • Real estate property package. Wholesale presentation folders display all the required home-buyers materials and a realtor’s business card.
  • Medical records pack. Cheap bulk presentation folders safely store all the patients’ data organized.


How to design wholesale presentation folders 

Start designing a wholesale presentation folder by applying logos, brand taglines, or mission statements on the front of the folder. Adding quality photos of the company or the product communicate the brand identity.  


Use brand colors to match the style of the business palette. 


A wholesale presentation folder with Sattin Matte Finish is great for everyday office work. However, Full Gloss lamination always looks elegant, appealing to see inside, and protects the folder from fading out. Although the bulk presentation folders with Full Gloss finish are a little more expensive, they are more durable and last longer. 


It’s pretty easy to create any bulk presentation folder in our free online designer tool. Either customize our professional templates, create customartwork, or upload the ready design, send a PRUFlink to your client. 


Order our presentation folder in bulk, and they will inspire everyone to look inside.  


For full file specifications on this and all other products, we highly recommend reviewing our Product Specifications