Wholesale 29.7CM x 21CM DIN A4 EU Calendars

Best 29.7CM x 21CM DIN A4 EU custom full-color trade wall calendars. Our gorgeous trade calendars printed on 135GSM-150GSM premium paper stock with aqueous gloss finish and metal spiral binding. NOTE: THE FOIL OPTION FOR THIS PRODUCT IS TEMPORARILY OFFLINE. CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES ON AVAILABILITY.

29.7CM x 21CM A4 EU custom trade best wall calendars to keep personal tabs on daily, weekly or monthly appointments, special occasions and important events. Each supertrade calendar includes 28 full-color pages and features premium spiral binding with hole punch. Printed on 135GSM-150GSM premium paper stock with Aqueous Gloss Finish. Every month printed in full color and each calendar delivers higher-quality results than more traditional offset printing. 4/4 Full Color with spiral binding. Several shipping options available. Competitive pricing!

Popular Uses:

  • Branded Company Calendars (Featuring products and/services)
  • Personalized Calendars 
  • Promotional Calendars 
  • Annual Corporate Gifting

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