2 Universal Sales Strategies for Every Sales Rep

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In Part 1 of this series on sales strategies, we offered a business-is-business list of steps you can take to find your customers.  Part 2 followed up with a business-is-also-personal reminder of the top personal traits that help you retain your customers. Now, in Part 3, we wrap up with strategic Do’s and Don’ts as staying-power strategy for a long career in sales.


Consider these the worst-practice approach you could choose. Avoid them, or accept responsibility for the fallout.

  • don’t trash-talk the business area you serve – and don’t diss your clients to colleagues or other clients or anyone else
  • don’t hesitate to be clear about your parameters for doing business – terms, delivery time, return policy
  • don’t wait too long to fire a client that causes disruptions to your business – not just a ‘difficult’ one (we all have bad days)
  • sales, by its nature, involves promises and a bit of razzle-dazzle – don’t go so far overboard that you come off as unbelievable or untrustworthy, don’t flat-out lie, because you’ll invariably get tripped up
  • your sales pitch is about the benefit to your prospective client, not to you – so don’t try too hard to establish yourself as an expert by being overly cute
    • never use quotes from any:
      • president (you never know who you will put off)
      • technology megabucks billionaire (their ‘vision’ is irrelevant to a small business)
      • sports figure, celebrity, or your parents (save that for casual conversation)
    • never include in your pitch military sales tips in The Art of War (even if you have read it)
    • never compare yourself to a Jedi knight – seriously, just don’t


Think of these as your best-practice business policy. Incorporate them into your overall sales strategy – you may be surprised by the intangible benefits they yield.

  • believe in the products and services you offer
  • balance your drive and ambition with an open mind
  • know the industry sector you’re in – stay positive about your business
  • cultivate transparency in your client interactions – starting when they are a prospect
  • bring your A-game to every meeting
  • be curious about your business and about the world
  • know your client’s business – and treat proprietary information with discretion and sensitivity
  • know how to network – and do it, because consistency is key, here
  • stay educated and updated
  • believe in – and trust – yourself and your instincts
  • always follow-up on a commitment you make – regaining trust is the single most difficult hurdle to overcome when it comes to your reputation and trustworthiness


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