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Marketing to Millenials- The Billion Dollar Opportunity


80 million millennials comprise the largest US demographic market. Great potential for long-term value to a brand or service due to a loyalty ingrained in their psyches. Printed media is the alternative form of communication, one that lasts longer than 3.5 seconds, and has that tactile appeal. Use it to convert more sales.

Do Young People think Print has a Future?

Rent A Press is an active member of the IPIA, a British print association focused on helping its members grow and develop their businesses. Rent A Press finds much of the helpful information IPIA develops is of value to our client base. Featured are a panel of young print professionals, all Print Futures Awards Winners, and CEO of Funky Pigeon, Richard Pepper to find out from our newer generations what they really think about print.

Young person in print

Nine Ideas for Selling Print During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Matthew Parker is a Global Print Sales expert. In this RAP blog post he shares some of the advice he has given hundreds of printers around the world. Make no mistake, this advice is universal and applies to your business. Please take 5 minutes and read through this post and learn a few things about succeeding in difficult times. Matthew will be adding other valuabe insights on print sales in the coming months. We have a new post every week on various topics facing print resellers and small printing businesses.