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2 Universal Sales Strategies for Every Sales Rep

sales strategies

In Part 1 of this series on sales strategies, we offered a business-is-business list of steps you can take to find your customers. Part 2 followed up with a business-is-also-personal reminder of the top personal traits that help you retain your customers. Now, in Part 3, we wrap up with strategic Do’s and Don’ts as staying-power strategy for a long career in sales.

3 Long-Term Sales Strategies for Small-Business Accounts
In Part 1 last week, 3 Key Sales Strategies to Land and Keep Small-Business Accounts, we provided detailed checklists based on traditional sales techniques. The specific items involve finding prospects, approaching the businesses, and making the sale by focusing on what makes your client unique. This week’s three tips do not exclude your prospect but concentrate on your own character traits that contribute to retaining long-term clients.

The Link Economy and Being the 'Go-To' person

As a young kid watching television, the 'old movie' channel had "Miracle on 34th Street". I always remembered this scene, and carried the lesson it taught to every client meeting I have ever had. Be a resource, add value, know things.

Panel Discussion Podcast on the Current State of Business in the Print Industry

Co-hosts Deborah Corn, Will Crabtree and Jamie McLennan welcome Larry Vaughn, Warren Werbitt andRobert Godwin for a panel discussion on the current state of the print industry

3 Key Sales Strategies to Land and Keep Small-Business Accounts

Sales strategies haven’t changed much in the past 15 years, though they have evolved. Technology makes it easier to reach people and provide effective presentations for your products and services. The business world changes all the time. The current Covid-19 pandemic has changed all the rules and you could be scrambling to figure out what’s next. By adapting some traditional sales techniques, your business may well be able to survive and grow.

Rent A Press On-line Design and PRUFlink 3D Proofing

Demo video of the Rent A Press design and correction tool. You can design a product online and test it to make sure it's exactly how you want it. PRUFlinksm allows you to view your product in 3D and email it to anyone who needs to review the content.

60 Products in 60 Seconds

Fun video showing the great variety of printed products Rent A Press offers.
If you have a minute, have some fun! Yes, it will be nearly impossible to identify all the wholesale trade print products Rent A Press offers in this very fast paced video. The idea is that RAP (that is what the team calls Rent A Press) has a lot of the most commonly used, and proven effective printed marketing products.