Blog posts of '2020' 'July'

Returning to Business Post Pandemic: Creativity-Authenticity-Reliability

Post Pandemic Business- The 'New Normal' won't be anything like normal. This is the challenge for your customers and you. Please take the time, about 6 minutes, to watch the short analysis of how people have been affected and what can work in re-starting the economy in general, and your business in particular.

Are You Controlling Your Client Base, or is it Controlling You?

The risks of a client base that is too narrow, driven by too few of your clients, are issues of concern. In these cases, the client is grooming you. Everyone has worked someplace where 2 or 3 clients rule the roost. All production scheduling, capital equipment selection and staffing center around their needs. It’s great to have major clients, but the risk of losing them after gearing your operation to their needs can put a business in a world of hurt.

Thank A Printer

From the YouTube site: "Printing SA in partnership with Printmediacntr USA has collaborated to give back to all of you our members. What the industry has done during COVID-19 should be known by everyone, and we will do our best to lead and support that mission, please share this video with your colleagues, family and friends."

Rent A Press is proud to both be a part of a great industry and service the industry members. We are essential. We all use print, read print, save print. Remember that what you do helps others in many ways.

Printer Ink Hands