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9 events to use custom printed beverage labels 


Creating a memorable event takes careful planning, active engagement, and thoughtful touches that pull it all together. When you are having guests over for any event, custom beverage labels can be excellent accents for building atmosphere. From birthday parties to company functions, these personalized labels are a wonderful way to make each event unique and memorable. In this post, we share 6 occasions where printed beverage labels can bring life to any occasion. 


Thus, if you had been considering skipping beverage labels then it's time to reconsider, because they can take this simple provision to another level. Not only can they be used as an effective marketing tool featuring branded logos but can also make those special events more memorable.  


6 events that will look even better with custom printed drink labels 


1. Weddings


Beverage labels are a unique way to add some flair to any wedding event. Stickers with photos of the couple, their names and wedding date, or even their favorite saying can all be used to make these drinks extra special. 

They can be used on bottles of beer, wine, and other non-alcoholic drinks that will be served at the party. Making this small detail part of this special day will surely be a delightful surprise for all involved and create a unique atmosphere.  

 They can also save money and time by eliminating the need for personalized engraving on each individual beverage with the couple's names and special day. 


2. Birthday Parties  

Throwing a birthday bash? 

Dress up drink bottles for your next birthday celebration with printed drink labels. Choose any design or pattern that fits the theme of the party. Whether it’s a colorful design with the guests of honor’s name, or printed photos or messages, tailored beverage labels can take your party from mundane to extraordinary. Functions become more vibrant both visually and emotionally and will be remembered long after the last toast has been made. Personalizing beverages for a birthday party is proving to be an increasingly popular trend, and drink labels add a fun element to the party. You can include whatever message or design you think would fit the occasion, from funny comments to special illustrations.  

Enjoy personalizing your own drink labels and make your beer bottles, soda cans, water bottles, coffee cups, and more stand out by adding individual designs. Transform your birthday celebration into something truly memorable. 


3. Corporate Events 


Using beverage labels at corporate events is a creative and impressive way to elevate the occasion. Not only can personalized drink labels make refreshments look more eye-catching, they also give an air of professionalism to any event. Embellish with special artwork or use logos and images to truly represent the business. 

It's easy to customize drink labels in any color, size, or shape to fit any exact needs and vision. Guests will be wowed by the unique branded drinks representing company in front of them. No matter if it's a client meeting, awards ceremony, or employee appreciation event. 


4. Trade Shows & Expos 

 At trade shows and expos, having attractive labeling on your products can help draw in customers who may otherwise have overlooked them.  The more eye-catching the label design is, the better chance you have of making an impression on potential clients. 


Printed beverage labels can make an eye-catching addition to any Trade Show or Expo booth.  From sparkling sodas to craft beers or bottled water and everything in between.  

As they are custom-made, they can be printed with information like logos, product descriptions or promotional offers - giving you more control to craft a message that will capture the attention of potential customers. Not only do beverage labels help create conversations about your product, but they also leave attendees feeling like they have something special that others don't. Take advantage of this great marketing opportunity and invest in this powerful marketing piece for your next Trade Show or Expo. 


5. Festivals & Fairs 

Whether you’re hosting an outdoor music festival, carnival or car show, printed drink labels can be just the thing that sets your product apart from everyone else. 

They also offer festival-goers the chance to share in the moment of an event and remind of their time at that special fete.  


6. Product Launches & Promotions 

Introducing the world to a new brand is an exciting opportunity. To ensure its success, it's important that everyone involved has full knowledge of the name, logo, and mission statement which can be easily remembered if repeated regularly. Showcase them proudly – whether attached to mini water bottle or a hot/cold beverage containers. Make sure it’s something guests will recall easily as they share their experience of getting acquainted with this new brand. 

Going one step further by providing creative visuals on beverages enhances engagement while giving your guests something physical they can take away as part of their experience with this launch. 


7. Fundraisers 

Printed beverage labels are a creative and effective way to support charitable organizations and raise funds for good causes. By customizing them with an organization's logo, any product can act as a walking billboard. Beverages with personalized labels are a great way to market an organization or cause while spreading its message. Moreover, they can be used as collector items for fans or supporters of an organization, sparking conversation about the group and its mission. Not only does custom labeling increase brand recognition but also can open up avenues for donations and increases revenue. 


8. Anniversaries. 


For a truly unique way to commemorate an impressive anniversary, printed beverage labels are the go-to choice and can make the celebration even more meaningful. They can be designed with a celebrants name and date of the anniversary that turns ordinary drinks bottles into extraordinary mementos. Whether it’s for long-lasting memories or keepsakes for each guest in attendance, beverage labels provide the perfect finishing touch for an otherwise ordinary occasion.  

9. Holiday parties 

Nothing adds more holiday cheer than custom printed drink labels at a festive gathering. Spruce up any holiday party with them. Choose from a variety of jolly designs to give each refreshment its own unique touch. Let your guests get into the spirit of the season by modifying every drink with printed labels. They're perfect for eggnog, sparkling water, and other winter drinks.  

Whether you print beverage labels with holiday greetings, cheerful snowflakes, or colorful reindeer, they quickly turn any gathering into a festive occasion. It's a unique and eye-catching detail that will set your parties apart from the rest. 


Where to get custom printed drink labels? 


If you're looking to design your own drink labels, look no further than RentaPress! Whether it be for special occasions such as weddings or birthdays, or even just trying to promote your company's beverages in bars and restaurants, beverage labels are the perfect way to give any drink a professional edge. Get instant access to 1000s of printable templates designed by professionals and customize them for any purpose. Whether you need to print large quantities for bulk orders or want to resell beverage labels printing, RentaPress has the flexibility and quality you need. 


 So what's the wackiest beverage you've ever seen with a custom label? Let us know in the comments below! 

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Creating custom labels for beverages is an easy and affordable way to spruce up any drink from beer and wine bottles to juice containers and sparkling water cans - all of them should have stand-out labels that accurately exemplify the beverage inside. And it can make all the difference in distinguishing your brand.