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Yard Signs for Political Campaigns- The way to Start Word of Mouth

Yard signs may seem old school, but research continues to show their effectiveness. Particularly for political candidates. Sure, general contractors, architects, plumbers and real estate agents use yard signs year-round. Political candidates concentrate a major spend in a relatively short period of time and use lots of them. This represents a valuable opportunity for small marketing agencies and printers to drive revenue when it is needed most…and that is RIGHT NOW!

Political campaign managers know that if they can get residents to put up signs for their candidate, they will get the majority of votes from that neighborhood. Retail politics at its core!

Read the research article below on just how effective yards signs can be. The clock is ticking, do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Younger Americans feel their voting weight

The boomers’ last stand
After years of elder-power, a new generation may well decide the election

Sep 6th 2020
THIS HAS been a year of the young. The protesters against racial injustice have mostly been in their 20s. The average age of demonstrators arrested since mid-June in Portland, Oregon (one of the centres of activity) was 28. The young have not suffered as much as others from covid-19 itself but were hardest hit by the response. Four-fifths of those between 18 and 29 lost a job or took a significant pay cut in April, or live in a household where that has happened. Only three-fifths of those aged 50 to 64 have experienced the same thing. Young people are the most likely to work in jobs vulnerable to closure, such as waitressing or retail.