60 Products in 60 Seconds

Fun video showing the great variety of printed products Rent A Press offers.
If you have a minute, have some fun! Yes, it will be nearly impossible to identify all the wholesale trade print products Rent A Press offers in this very fast paced video. The idea is that RAP (that is what the team calls Rent A Press) has a lot of the most commonly used, and proven effective printed marketing products.
If you find it challenging to see all the products in this 60 second video, simply log onto the RAP (again, that is Rent A Press) and explore the super low-priced products. There will be other videos on features and deals that will be available on the RAP site.
Thank you for viewing the RAP blog and enjoy the video.
We know the world, we know print, we know marketing.

60 Rent A Press Products in 60 Seconds

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