Considering the Future of Print and Graphic Communications

Loved the linked articles in this piece. Of particular interest is the Bain article:

"Technology will allow companies to achieve scale and retain customer intimacy."

This is the promise Web-to-Print holds for PSPs when they finally realize the scale required to move the graphic communications industry fully into the 21st-century commerce dynamic.

The McKinsey article places its relevance on the social role any corporation/business plays in the community they serve. Quoting Adam Smith from 1759:

"We should view ourselves.... not in the light in which our own selfish passions place us, but in the light in which any other citizen of the world would view us.”

This is huge and provides guidance on what role each print business, each vendor to the print business, and each consumer of the print must play in their community that is beneficial. It is not simply to 'create wealth' as the sole goal. All must contribute to the markets they serve and contribute something of value. Large graphic communication concerns need to police the integrity of the messaging they create and distribute; small businesses need to be aware of community needs from being 'green' and using sustainable practices along with simple participation like sponsoring youth sports or helping the local schools with the daily classroom concerns.

Engagement is the future of graphic communications, and is especially crucial to print.

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