Disagreements, Good Ideas, Tough Communication

For Graphic Designers and Printers who are involved making a creative project come to life, you have the role of providing the expertise to make a given project the best it can be. Often, it requires providing suggestions, different approaches, even simple solutions just make it possible within a budget. This can lead to challenging conversations with a client, who is the Boss. They decide on the final approach. If they disagree, or are simply the non-receptive type, you need skills to do your part and provide the best work possible.

Disagreement and Point of view

Disagreeing need not be confrontational, argumentative, or abusive. Assuming you have something beneficial to add to the conversation, project or need, it is best to learn the art of presenting ideas. They may challenge, be different, or demand scrutiny to understand. It is your responsibility to convey them in a way that does not force the win/lose dynamic. An art indeed.

Respect, not fealty, is called for in these circumstances. If you feel subordinate when adding your ideas, then you are working at the wrong place. Open discussions and brainstorming are what deliver the best solutions to any discussion. Certainly, the lead person will make the final decisions, but if heard, and understood, you have done good; contributed as expected, and ultimately valued as a team member.

This article breaks down the elements of effective communication for differing thoughts, approaches and ideas. A good read for the idea generators and those who ask for input.

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