10 Best Marketing/Print Materials for Gaming Industry

One of the largest game exhibitions in the US is Global Gaming Expo (G2E). Aside from the usual tradeshow booth where you exhibit the latest gaming technology and innovation, it also features some of the best educational seminars from industry experts as well as symposiums and networking events. If you plan to exhibit at the gaming event, you should invest on marketing print materials in order to stand out.

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After examining marketing trends and business opportunities in the Gaming industry, here is a list of several best print marketing materials:

Business Cards

Business cards are a staple for just about any need, especially so when preparing for tradeshows. A well designed business card not only compliments the rest of your marketing materials you have on hand at your booth but should be attractive enough so visitors are easily drawn to them. Pocket ready cards are one of those advertising opportunities that prospective customers are most likely to keep, so their aesthetic and message are important.

Make sure to update your cards often, especially if you are going to use them for a trade show. Adding tradeshow information and graphics not only add a personalized feel, they also make it easier to keep track of where your leads are coming from and offer you a great way to tailor for a very specific audience. Be sure to keep and organize the cards you get and look at those you think are exceptionally well made or best convey a message specific to the event. You never know when you will get the chance to use messaging or design themes you find interesting. Remember, good artists borrow, but great artists steal.

Sell Sheets

Sell sheets are perfect for itemizing and listing the benefits of your products and services. They also offer a way to go over the best talking points of your products or services, giving prospective customers an easy to reference bullet pointed list of the strengths and selling points. With sell sheets you give customers a way to see a lot of valuable information on a small, easily referable sheet. Sell sheets are great for highlighting technical data, stats, marketing points, contact information, quotes, mission statements and more.

Rack Cards

Perfect for areas with lots of foot traffic. Rack cards are one of the best ways to maximize your marketing dollars by placing your company’s high quality premium rack cards in locations with great visibility. Whether your presence is big or small rack cards are great fanned out on tables at your booth or handed out to goersby at a conference or trade show rack cards are a sure-fire way to promote and be remembered.


People love swag! Free giveaways are an excellent enticement to get people to stop at your booth. Make sure your promotional items are on-trend and of value so participants will want to share their contact information to get your giveaway. Cookie printing is ideal for promotional events like Gaming. Everyone loves cookies!

Flyers & Posters

When continuous exposure is what you are looking for, then poster & flyer marketing is the solution you need! Having well placed posters allows your customers to repeatedly come in contact with your brand. Full-sized flyers are great for windows, doors and taped up all around your booth.


Earn potential customers with one of the most quintessential products found at any trade show, brochures! Perfect for leading trade show guests through a tour of your company's products and services, brochures you share with prospects at a tradeshow are designed to showcase your company's best assets and present your offerings in the best possible light. All trade show literature should be designed to supplement the expertise of your booth staff, helping them to educate, answer questions and persuade. Your literature is a reflection of your company, so don’t skimp on the quality.


Itemize your company's best traits with customized, full-color booklets. Booklets are an important part of trade show printing and should always be on your checklist! ⁠ Booklets should be the centerpiece of your trade show booth. Add impact and value to client takeaways by leaving prospects with an attractive booklet that shows off your business.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are very handy at symposiums and tradeshows! Quiet often attendees will leave with a stack of literature from other vendors, but your branded presentation folder will be the organizing force holding everything together. It's a great idea to send all tradeshow prospects an information packet that advertises your products and services. Presentation folders make that process easy and straight forward.


Stickers can help to get your brand, "stuck", in the minds of busy customers and as a great, modern marketing tool for your business, they can’t be beat! Custom labels will help your gaming business stand out among your competitors.


Draw people into your booth with large, custom and branded free standing signs. Colorful signs, displays and professionally printed marketing materials leave a remarkable impression with attendees and every remark will be about you and your brand. Signage can help generate more traffic and attract new buyers! ⁠


Establishing a presence, whether big or small, for your company at a trade show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clientèle, and building a more established and reliable brand.⁠ Use Print Materials to Promote, Engage & Follow-Up with customers!⁠