Location, Location, Location = Timing, Timing, Timing Real Estate Season is Here!

Yard Sign Home Sale

Home sales season is coming up soon. The busiest months are May, June, July, and August. These months comprise 40 % of home sales volume. Are your realtor clients prepared for this important season? It is important to get in front of the customers before they begin their ‘panic’ buying online because they forgot to get new:

  • Business Cards  
  • Refrigerator/Car Door Magnets  Magnet
  • Flyers  Flyer
  • Brochures  Brochure
  • Booklets for upscale homes  Booklet
  • Presentation folders for sales plan and closing papers  Presenettion Folder
  • Yard Signs  
  • Door hangers  Door hanger
  • QR codes to take them to their Facebook, twitter or website.  QR COde

That’s 9 products every realtor should be using to get listings and sell homes. This is the opportunity to provide them with great sales tools and strengthening their brand identity to their market. Go to your client as an important information source and guide them to the tools that make them successful.

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