Rent A Press Adds Stickers to Print Products

Make your brand stick with custom stickers for every budget and need

LAS VEGAS, NV (Nov. 12, 2019) — Leading wholesale trade print provider Rent A Press is proud to announce the expansion of their line of print marketing products with custom printed stickers. These new print products offer a new way to brand and self-promote companies of all sizes.

“Stickers are an extremely popular and trendy tool for branding and marketing”, says Viktoria Vasileva, marketing manager at RentAPress. “Our line of full color, custom stickers make fantastic promotional gifts, product/shipping labeling, and can easily be combined with other print products like brochures, presentation folders, rack cards, calendarsbooklets and flyers.”

“The striking originality of stickers mean they naturally attract attention and entice engagement, making custom wholesale stickers not just a fun alternative to other more common marketing materials, but also represent a way to market that psychologically minimizes automatic defenses of a prospective customer/consumer”, Viktoria added, “Stickers are fun and that fun factor opens new ways of advertising that include increased odds of not just keeping the marketing materials but staying top of mind. Stickers ultimately mean our brand and products have to be in front of someone fewer times for shorter amount of time before being committed to memory”.

Custom stickers are a new, affordable and completely customizable wholesale product and come in a myriad of attractive shapes and sizes. Each sticker is kiss-cut and are made from long lasting, fade-resistant yet writable materials with uncoated, semi-gloss, matte or vinyl finishes. Each custom trade sticker is easy to peel and place.

RentAPress’ new sticker product are printed on variety of stock using a permanent adhesive that can be applied to smooth surfaces like metal, glass, plastic and wood. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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